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Our office is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology.  

In order to provide you with world-class endodontic therapy and the best possible treatment outcome, we equip our offices with:

Operatory at Port Orchard Endodontics


patient and dental assistant with CBCT scanner
Cone Beam Computed Tomography

CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) is three dimensional imaging that has revolutionized many aspects of dentistry over the last two decades.  The scans give the highest image resolution and are extremely accurate. They are free of magnification and distortion commonly associated with regular x-ray images. These 3D images help the doctor analyze the orientation and position of critical structures like nerves, roots, previous dental work, the sinus and the nose.  CBCT requires a minimal amount of radiation. The “small field of view” significantly minimizes radiation exposure to the patient.


The use of CBCT is becoming more prevalent in dentistry and the standard of care for: most retreatments (root canal redo), root surgeries and treatment of resorption (a type of root deterioration).  In our practice we have utilized CBCT technology on a daily basis over the last six years. It has been an eye-opening experience.  Our team has come to appreciate its many applications and benefits in the speciality of endodontics.


With the use of CBCT our understanding has evolved regarding its advantages beyond the typical scenarios.  Following are some examples:


  • Predictable treatment decision (whether to perform a re-treatment, endodontic surgery, extraction or monitoring only)


  • Understanding the regional anatomy such as the sinuses, main nerves and blood supply in relationship to the tooth to be treated


  • Studying the shape of the tooth and roots before treatment assists with:

    • Locating and treating all canals that would typically be difficult to find

    • Decreasing treatment time

    • Preservation of of tooth/root structure

    • More precise measurement of the roots

    • Decreasing overall radiation exposure to our patients by eliminating many of the regular dental x-rays needed before, during, and after treatment


  • Diagnosis of the condition as it relates to:

    • Possible root fracture

    • Periodontal (gum) conditions

    • Savebility of the tooth

    • Early diagnosis of root disease and infection

    • Bone loss patterns


  • Obtain “baseline”  imaging that can be used for comparison to future CBCT to evaluate healing or to evaluate changes.


We feel strongly that using CBCT technology actually saves our patients overall time and resources.  It shortens treatment time, increases success rates, eliminates unnecessary procedures, and reduces the initiation of treatment on teeth with less favorable prognosis. During the consultation visit, our team will discuss and educate our patients regarding the benefits and risks of this imaging. Recently, we significantly reduced our fee for the CBCT.  Our goal is to increase accessibility to this valuable procedure and ease the cost to our patients.


Please feel free to contact our team at Gig Harbor Endodontics and Port Orchard Endodontics if you have any questions.

GentleWave Procedure Logo

Effectively cleaning the deepest, most complex portions (1,2) of the root canal system requires incredible innovation—and our endodontists at Gig Harbor Endodontics and Port Orchard Endodontics is proud to offer that technology with the GentleWave® Procedure.

The GentleWave Procedure is a state-of-the-art alternative to standard root canal treatment. The ultracleaning technology of the GentleWave Procedure is an advanced combination of fluid dynamics and a broad range of soundwaves that work together to reach into the microscopic spaces  (1,2) and remove bacteria, debris and tissue.(2) The GentleWave Procedure is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system, there's less chance of failure over time.(3)


The GentleWave Procedure uses a minimally invasive (1) protocol to access the infected root canal system, which means it is preserving more of the natural tooth and, in doing so, is helping to keep the tooth’s structure strong. With the GentleWave Procedure we can also typically clean and fill the tooth in just one appointment, (3) which may reduce the number of appointments required.

Achieving an exceptional level of clean requires advanced endodontics—and that’s something our dental specialists take pride in providing.


Contact us today to discover the GentleWave Difference for

1 Molina B et al. (2015) J Endod. 41:1701-5
2 Vandrangi P et al. (2015) Oral Health 72-86
3 Sigurdsson A et al. (2016) J Endod. 42:1040-48

GENTLEWAVE and the GENTLEWAVE logo are registered trademarks of Sonendo, Inc. and used under license.

GentleWave System
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Root Canal Procedure: Real Patients Share Their Experience

Root Canal Procedure: Real Patients Share Their Experience

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EdgePRO™ Delivers Outstanding Cleaning Debridement and Disinfection.  Research has shown EdgePRO’s laser technology provides highly effective Cleaning, Debridement and kills up to 99% of bacteria commonly found in the root canal.

EdgePRO™ works using Laser Light Physics, Sound Energy and Microfluidic Dynamics.

The technology EdgePRO uses is backed by years of research and peer-reviewed studies. 

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